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Learn the basics on how to make a martini. Learn about shaking vs stirring, temperature, equipment and more.

How to Make a Martini

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Martinis for Beginners. You will need:
Learn the basics on how to make a martini. Learn about shaking vs stirring, temperature, equipment and more. How to Make a Martini
Martini Shakers, Martini Glasses, Liqueur Samples, Vermouth, Gin, Garnishes

So, you want to learn how to make martini drinks! Here is a list of things you’ll need in order to get started, and some tips to keep the cost down. Unfortunately, you will need to part with a fair sum of money in order to get the ball rolling. But in the end, it’s a worthy investment.

First, buy sample bottles of liqueurs you’ll be using, like Amaretto and Cointreau. The big bottles last forever and if you decide that you don’t like it, you’re stuck. You will need lots of vodka and/or gin. It is well worth it to invest in the better brands. You can taste the difference in your martini. Also, get a small bottle of vermouth. Like wine, vermouth has a short shelf life when opened. Keep it in the refrigerator and throw anything away that has been opened for more than a few months.

Invest in some nice martini shakers. Something steel or glass (never aluminum!). Try to find ones that you can also stir drinks in. A good martini shaker will quickly become a life-long friend. Buy a few martini glasses. There is a martini glass to fit every personality, from simple to wild. Of course, you can drink martinis out of a wine glass or tumbler, but that's just not cool. Here's an idea. Why not ask someone to get you a nice martini set for Christmas?

If you’re lucky, you’ll find many of the garnishes and mixes in your fridge already. Lemons, limes, oranges, olives, cherries, etc., are all needed one time or another. Buy them as you need them. If you go out to a bar or club and you find a martini you want to make at home, then by all means, go for it!

Martini Tips & Tricks

Temperature is important.

A martini is meant to be enjoyed cold. In fact, the colder the better. To do this, keep your gin and vodka in the freezer. The liquor will become syrupy, which is exactly what you’re looking for. A little shaking or stirring with ice produces some dilution and makes a great drink. But, be sure to store your Vermouth in the refrigerator, not the freezer. The Vermouth can partially freeze, which is bad.

In addition to chilled spirits, chilled glasses make for a perfect martini. Put your martini glasses in the freezer ahead of time if you know you will be making this luscious beverage. If you didn't plan ahead, chill the glass by adding water and ice to it while mixing your drink. Pour it out before adding your concoction.

Shaken or stirred?

How to Make a Martini

Martinis need to be shaken. Shaking allows the ice to mix completely with the liquid, cooling it. Stirring just doesn’t do it.

Use quality ingredients.

If you are going to serve a Diamond Martini, the ingredients need to match its name. A cheap, low quality ingredient will leave you and your guests disappointed. Buy good liquors, crisp olives, ripe fruit and quality hardware to make excellent cocktails and put a smile on everybody's face.

Ice, ice, ice.

Use clean, fresh ice to make your cocktails pure. If you’re using tap water to make your ice, make sure it's high quality, filtered water. Otherwise, purchase ice or make ice from bottled water. Make sure your ice cube trays are clean and when storing your ice, do so in a tightly-sealed container.

Keep it clean!

Keep your bar tools clean at all times. Wash them between each cocktail. You don’t want the residue of your last martini to come back and haunt you.

Wash all fruit.

The fruit you plan to use for twists and garnish needs to be clean. No one wants fruit that tastes like pesticide residue. If you are using olives as garnish, try rinsing them under water just before you add them to the martini. This prevents any excess, oily olive juice from contaminating your drink.

Use stainless steel or glass martini shakers.

Aluminum and plastic can add a horrible flavor to your drink. It's well worth it to spend the extra money and buy nice equipment that will last you a long time.

Learn the basics on how to make a martini. Learn about shaking vs stirring, temperature, equipment and more.

Don’t over-shake.

Shaking is fun, but when you’ve been going at it for 10 minutes, all you’re going to end up with is a diluted drink. Shake gently to prevent a watered-down concoction. If you need to dilute your drink, you can shake it vigorously, but this will add bits of ice and cloudiness.

Keep notes.

Keep a notebook handy when mixing new drinks. That way you can go back and look up a recipe if necessary.

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